Scrap Lead

Our lead products are manufactured using 100% recycled lead. Therefore we have to source a lot of scrap lead to use during the process.

On a lot of occassions a good percentage of the lead we use comes from the same job that we are supplying to (i.e. what we refer to as recast). On other occassions we have to source the lead ourselves. Buying from scrap yards is expensive and adds to the cost of the finished product.

Ideally, we would prefer to miss out the ‘middle man’ and buy the scrap directly. This results in a lower price for the end user and a more convenient, efficient and lucrative deal for the person selling the scrap.

Our rates are generally higher than you would receive from a scrap yard and on most occassions we will arrange to come and collect the scrap from you.

If you have any scrap lead for sale please give us a call on 0116 2781609 and we will talk you through the options.