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Lincoln Cathedral3
Lincoln Cathedral

We are proud to be associated with some of the finest historical buildings that you can find in the UK. There is hardly a town or city within our beautiful island that doesn’t have a building containing lead produced by Sand Cast Lead UK Ltd.

Sometimes the building is a behemoth with massive historical importance such as Lincoln Cathedral. Othertimes it may be of national importance such as the Houses of Parliament or the Tower of Wakefield CathedralLondon. It may be a royal residence such as Hampton Court Palace or an ecclesiastic residence like Lambeth Palace. It could even be your local village church!

We can’t list all of the projects we’ve been involved with but below are just some of the places where, if you look upwards, you will be able to see some our lead. The amount we Old Royal Naval College3have supplied ranges from a just a few rolls to the biggest one being in excess of 200 tons – and we’re proud to have been part of every single one of them!

Some of the places include:

Lincoln Cathedral, The Tower of London, Wakefield Cathedral, Lambeth Palace, Lancaster Castle, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Exeter Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, St Nichlolas Chapel, Compton VLancaster Castleerney House, Chatsworth House, Chichester Cathedral, Old Royal Naval College, Westminster Abbey Song School, Coventry Cathedral, Audley End House, Croome Court, Mince Pie Hall, Apethorpe Hall, Hampton Court Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, Blithfield Hall, Houses of Parliament and hundreds of other houses, churches and cathedrals up and down the country.