Cast2 croppedAs the name would suggest, Sand Cast Lead UK Ltd.’s main product is created by pouring molten lead onto a bed of sand. It’s been done this way for hundreds of years and if you ever visit our factory it’s like stepping back in time. We have managed to maintain the traditional way of manufacturing despite all of the technological process that has gone on around us. It’s true, we’ve had a few additions to the process, particularly with the safety of of our craftsmen in mind, but largely we do it the same way they did it 100 years ago.

This way our skilled personnel know every nuance of the process and take pride in every single roll that we produce. It’s because of this knowledge that, voluntarily, we are able to adhere to the strict weight tolerances that are placed on standard, mass produced, rolled lead.

When we make sand cast lead, we do it for you! Every sheet that we produce is to the exact width, length and code that you have asked for. If you need code 8 roof sheets at 824mm x 2.25mtrs that is what you’ll get – saving you time, money and effort.

We are a family run business with two generations fully integrated into the business. We value of every customer that we work with, no matter how big or small their requirements, and pride ourselves that the majority of our work is from returning customers.

Although sand cast lead is our main concern we also produce other lead products for a variety of industries and carry a range of ancillary goods for use when actually fitting the lead. Additionally, we have a sister company, Milled Lead Supplies, who offer a comprehensive range of rolled milled lead via the internet.

Every single customer is important to us and we’d love to have you on board